Understanding what's going on across your distributed manufacturing supply chain  from raw material utilization forecasts and supplier rationalization to material aggregation opportunities and risk assessment programs – is daunting, even for the most seasoned supply chain professionals.

Save up to 25% on common raw materials

SDX helps you untangle this complex web of supply chain data. Utilizing the SDX platform, our customers save up to 25% on common raw materials within the first year.

Learn how in the SDX Tech Review

Independent supply chain technology expert Jason Busch of Spend Matters takes you on a journey exploring SDX, Supply Dynamics' multi-enterprise direct materials procurement solution.

This comprehensive report offers an objective view of how SDX is used to:

  • Extract, normalize, and transform data into insightful, actionable analytics
  • Enable collaboration on the purchase of common raw materials (plastics, metals, electronics, etc.)
  • Keep "bill-of-material" data up-to-date and accurate in an every-changing supply chain environment 


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