Material Demand Aggregation in 2020

Our 1-Day Opportunity Assessment is designed to help you understand, structure, and prioritize raw material sourcing activities, especially when it comes to collaborating with sub-tier suppliers on the purchase of common materials (including but not limited to metals, plastics, fasteners, and electronic components).

How does the assessment work?

We come to you.

On a mutually convenient day, the 1-day, on-site assessment involves interviews and operational data gathering with sponsors and key stakeholders to assess opportunities and challenges unique to your business and industry. Drawing on 18 years of MDA experience, spanning multiple industries and commodities, Supply Dynamics will brief you on how other companies use Material Demand Aggregation to drive cost savings and continuity of supply, then develop an assessment specific to your company and circumstances.

Is the assessment just a glorified sales pitch?

Absolutely not.

While we believe aggregation can transform any OEM, it’s not a fit for everyone nor is it the right approach for every commodity. Our objectives are simple. We get to know you, understand your challenges, and provide an objective third-party assessment of opportunities to improve your raw material sourcing practices. Once you get to know us and review the assessment results we send you, you’ll know what to do next and whether or not it involves us. 

DOWNLOAD BROCHURE: Find out what you'll discover and see a sample agenda

What you’ll learn & receive

  • Benchmark the latest tools and trends when it comes to raw material sourcing (without being steered to a specific supplier!). 

  • Understand:

    • Key considerations that should influence mill vs distributor engagement. 

    • Pros and cons of most common raw material sourcing models:

      • Spot purchasing

      • Directed buy (pass-through model)

      • Directed buy (with rebate)

      • Right to buy

      • Buy/resell

      • Consignment

    • "Best practices" when it comes to collaborative purchasing programs and how other OEMs are using MDA to reduce their raw material costs on average by 3-12%. 

    • Common pitfalls associated with group purchasing organizations and programs. 

  • Review actual case studies associated with MDA. 

  • Compare how others are addressing tariffs, sanctions and regulatory compliance issues (REACH, Conflict Minerals, etc.) when it comes to raw materials. 

  • Receive A Comprehensive MDA Assessment. 

  • See (anonymously) how your 2019 one-year purchasing history for metals compares to the price paid by thousands of other buyers with an optional, FREE Metals Benchmarking Report (a $6400 value).

DOWNLOAD BROCHURE: Find out what you'll discover and see a sample agenda